Thursday, January 27, 2011

From the Far Western Section of NESTA (National Association of Earth Science Teachers)

From Wendy Van Norden, NESTA Far West Regional Director:

I have some news and some questions for California NESTA members

Question: The 2012 American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) national convention will held in Long Beach. They are trying to a meaningful session for K-12 teachers. The theme for this convention is “Creative Ideas + New Technology = The Future. Do you have any suggestions?

News: Many of you signed a petition to the Academic Council of the University of California, asking them to include Earth Science as a “d” laboratory course. The petition was rejected. However, they are open to discussion about the topic, and I have organized a task force to put together recommendations for Earth Science curricula that should be considered.

Question: I am teaching a dual credit course with UCLA (my high school students receive credit on a UCLA transcript). My course is for Juniors and Seniors and it receives “d” lab credit

Do you know of any similar courses in California?

Do you know of anyone teaching an honors level Geology or Earth Science course in CA?

Do you know of Geology/Earth Science courses that do receive “d” lab credit?

Wendy Van Norden
Harvard-Westlake School
3700 Coldwater Canyon
No. Hollywood, CA 91604
818 487-6665

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