Friday, February 11, 2011

NAGT Two-Year College Section to be Proposed

From Jackie Hams of the Far Western Section....

The Executive Committee of NAGT unanimously passed a resolution in support of establishing a two-year college (2YC) section within NAGT at their October 30, 2010 meeting in Denver. Formation of a 2YC group within NAGT was a recommendation of a June 2010 NAGT/NSF sponsored workshop titled, “The Role of Two-Year Colleges in Geoscience Education and in Broadening Participation in the Geosciences: A Planning Workshop.” The workshop brought together 31 2YC geoscience instructors and representatives of agencies and funding organizations.

An organizational committee of 13 2YC faculty is developing a mission statement and structure for a 2YC section to submit to the NAGT Executive Committee in April. The 2YC committee is studying similar groups in other science professional associations and discussing how a 2YC section can work closely with regional NAGT sections. Recognition of the 2YC community by NAGT will provide a national voice for institutions which are estimated to enroll approximately 45% of the undergraduates and minority students in the country, and play an important role in the science education of pre-service and K-12 teachers as well as life-long learners. NAGT members will be asked to vote on changes to the NAGT Constitution to establish a 2YC section.

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