Thursday, January 6, 2011

CalPaleo Conference at Sierra College in Rocklin, May 14, 2011

A Note from CalPaleo:

Sierra College and Sierra College Natural History Museum are pleased to host the 2011 meeting of CalPaleo on Saturday May 14.

Don't miss this great opportunity to present your own research and learn about the latest research of others. CalPaleo meetings have typically emphasized the research of students from California colleges and universities, with a sprinkle of research papers by professors and other researchers. The cohesive factor that makes us CalPaleo is that we are California Paleontologists -- either we live here and do research here, we live here and do research elsewhere, or we live elsewhere and do research here. Regardless, we are all California Paleontologists. CalPaleo meetings bring us all together in a way that GSA, BSA, AAPG, AASP, or even SVP meetings cannot.

The 2nd CalPaleo meeting announcement, planned for January, will include info on the CalPaleo 2011 website, registration fees (if any), local housing ideas, publication of abstracts, and the first Call for Papers (both oral and poster). We hope by then that you will be able to download an attractive, colorful Call for Papers to give to your friends. In the meantime, please forward this simple and plain 1st announcement to everyone that you think needs to know about the 2011 CalPaleo meeting and encourage them to be here. Offer to let them ride along with you!

You will love the Rocklin area, located in the foothills of the Sierras just 20 minutes east of Sacramento right off I-80. Unlike much of California, we have trees, lakes, and permanent streams! In other words, our environment is much more like the late Tertiary. Plan ahead. You may just want to spend an extra day or two here in the Pliocene!

Expect a reminder with Call for Papers in March. Abstract deadline is 01 April. April Fool! Actually the deadline is 02 April 2011. Put the date on your calendar now. Be prepared. Help us capture the diversity of paleontological research underway in California. Remember that not all fossils have bones and teeth! Be present to ensure that your area of expertise is represented -- be it ichnofossils, microfossils, invertebrates, plants, fish, birds, other dinosaurs, or those warm fuzzy guys!

What's most important right now is that you Save the Date! Saturday 14 May 2011. We hope to see you at CalPaleo in 2011 at Sierra College in Rocklin, .

CalPaleo 2011 Organizing Committee

Dick Hilton Lanny Fisk
Sierra College PaleoResource Consultants

Charles Dailey Dave Haasl
Sierra College PaleoResource Consultants

Holly Dodson Susan Bowman
Sierra College PaleoResource Consultants

George Bromm Tina Campbell
Sierra College PaleoResource Consultants

Chantal Decavel Donna Lowenthal
Sierra College PaleoResource Consultants

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