Sunday, April 26, 2009

Symposium: The Importance of K-12 Geology Education to the Future of the Planet

Courtesy of Wendy Van Norden, the new director of the Far West Section of the National Earth Science Teachers Association:

Educational Symposium:
The Importance of K-12 Geology Education to the Future of the Planet

Panel Conveners: Bob Ballog and Tanya Atwater
Wednesday Morning • May 6th • 0800-1200

With the increasing importance of climate change, water conservation, increasing awareness of potential natural disasters, and the increasing environmental consciousness we are seeing, it is imperative that we train more earth scientists to be able to confront and address these problems. Current estimates show that the number of graduating geoscientists is falling not rising.

Currently, in the state of California, the earth sciences are being relegated to secondary status in the science curriculum. In many districts earth science is not taught as a college prep course. The PSAAPG is concerned about this trend and this panel is assembled to bring our views to the forefront and discuss alternatives with state educators. We hope to have representatives from the State Board of Education, Ventura County Office of Education, university professors, K-12 teachers, and professional geoscientists gathered to brainstorm ideas and approaches to solving this problem.

All interested earth scientists, teachers, and administrators are invited to attend and participate in this session. Pass this along to colleagues who are not PSAAPG members and urge them to attend.

Panel Convener: Bob Ballog, Geologist, Eagle Exploration and Production Company, Inc.
Panel Convener: Tanya Atwater, Geology Professor Emeritus, UC Santa Barbara
Panel Member: Don Clarke, Consultant, Pacific Section AAPG President
Panel Member: Gerry Simila, Geology Professor, California State University, Northridge
Panel Member: Karen Blake, Geologist, Hobby Energy
Panel Member: Rick Woodson, Coordinator, Taft Oil-Technology Academy
Panel Member: John Parrish, State Geologist, California
Panel Member: Eldridge Moores, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis
Funding is available to attend the event.

Sponsored by Pacific Section AAPG
Pacific Sections AAPG-SEPM-SEG Convention
May 2 - 6, 2009 - Ventura, California

Please contact Bob Ballog for more information at

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