Sunday, December 6, 2009

Student Opportunity in Yellowstone National Park

From the National NAGT Newsletter:

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from Montana! We would appreciate your help in advertising to your students an NSF/GEO site project we will be running this summer on Evolution of the Precambrian Rocks of Yellowstone National Park (Dave Mogk, Paul Mueller, Darrell Henry, and Dave Foster PIs). Please visit the project website for further details: . This project will be a comprehensive research experience that will include:.

• Field mapping and sampling in Yellowstone National Park to contribute to a new geologic map of the basement rocks of YNP; students will work in small groups in the context of the larger project to define and address specific research topics in their area of interest; Dates: June 27-July 25, 2010;

• Direct experience in modern analytical studies including sample preparation, training on modern instrumentation petrologic, geochemical and geochronological; visits to analytical labs will be scheduled for fall semester 2010, and

• Presentation of research results, by submitting an abstract for a poster presentation at the Rocky Mountain Section meeting of the Geological Society of America, and participating in a group reunion meeting to contribute to a peer-reviewed journal article. Dates: Spring 2011, to be determined; Logan, Utah.

We are looking for a group of students (12) with diverse interests in geology to contribute to the research group. To unravel the geologic history of these Archean rocks, our research team will need students with interests in igneous and metamorphic petrology, sedimentology, geochemistry, geochronology and structural geology and tectonics. Students who have taken most of their geology “core” courses and have had a field camp (or other field experience) will be preferred. This experience will provide a great foundation for follow-on senior thesis/research projects at their home institutions. Please note that this will be a true back country experience in Yellowstone National Park, so students need to know that the daily routine will be physically challenging in this rugged terrain.

How to Apply:

Please send: a) Your letter of interest, stating what you hope to learn, what you can offer to this project, b) two letters of support from faculty or work supervisors, and c) your academic transcript . These materials can be submitted to (e-mail or mail):

David Mogk

Dept of Earth Sciences (406) 994 6916

Montana State University

Bozeman, MT 59717

The deadline for applications is: January 30, 2010

Thanks in advance, and please, encourage your best, field-oriented students to apply!

Best to all,

Dave Mogk

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