Tuesday, December 15, 2009

K-12 Tsunami Education from the California Geological Survey

California's northern coast, endangered during the 1964 Alaska tsunami

From the California Geological Survey:

With the fifth anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami coming up on Dec. 26th, 2009, most of you recall the story of Tilly Smith, the 10-year-old credited with saving over 100 people on a beach in Thailand based on what she learned about tsunamis in school during a geography lesson.

The California Geological Survey (CGS) is looking for ways to best to educate and prepare California students about tsunamis, tsunami hazards, and what they should do if they are in an area at risk. Newly released statewide tsunami inundation maps produced by CGS, the California Emergency Management Agency, and the Tsunami Research Center at USC are now available (link below). The maps show the potential flooding hazard for all vulnerable populated areas based on some of the worst-case tsunami scenarios for California. In addition to the maps, the state is making available new tsunami education videos, a new CGS Tsunami Note, and other information that could be useful when teaching students about tsunamis and tsunami hazards in California. This information is posted at: http://www.conservation.ca.gov/CGS/geologic_hazards/Tsunami/Pages/education.aspx

Several state agencies are working together to initiate a statewide tsunami education plan for March, during the proposed “National Tsunami Preparedness Week.” Your feedback on any aspect of using these new tsunami maps in the classroom over the next few weeks will be a great value to help us prepare for this new education campaign.

Rick Wilson

California Geological Survey

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