Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Subaru Minority Student Scholarship Program Deadline Approaching

The deadline is a few days away and they have received few applicants thus far ...

From GSA Education Division:

Dear GSA Campus Representative,

We are pleased to announce that Subaru of America, Inc., in partnership with GSA, has funded a scholarship program to benefit undergraduate minorities considering a degree in the geosciences. The Subaru Minority Student Scholarship Program will provide $1,000 to a student at an accredited university or college in each of the six GSA Regional Sections. The purpose of the award is to encourage minority students to continue studies in the geosciences as a possible degree choice. We would like campus reps to nominate one student whom they believe will benefit and be encouraged to continue in the geosciences by receiving this award.

The eligible student must be a member of a minority group, must have taken at least two introductory (first year) geoscience courses, be enrolled in additional geoscience courses in his/her upcoming school year, and be a student member of GSA. The campus rep must verify that the student has been and is currently enrolled in the geoscience classes, and that the student is a minority. A ‘minority’ is described as being of Hispanic, African-American or Black, Asian, American-Indian, Alaskan Native, or Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander ethnicity/race. Each campus rep will be allowed and encouraged to electronically submit one completed student nomination form (see the Word document below) from their school for the Subaru scholarship by 15 August 2009. The student will need to countersign the nomination. Please email the completed one-page application to Jennifer Nocerino at jnocerino@geosociety.org. You will receive an email confirming receipt of the form. Campus reps will be notified of the winners in early September, which should allow time for the student to make plans to attend the Annual Meeting if possible. There will be no stipulations on the use of the $1,000.00 award money, although they should be encouraged to use it to support their studies.

This year’s recipients will also receive a free student registration to the 2009 GSA Annual Meeting in Portland, OR, 18-21 October. We would suggest encouraging students to also apply for travel grants (including the minority travel grant) in the event that they are chosen for the Subaru scholarship and wish to attend the Annual Meeting. Any recipients of the scholarship who can attend the Annual Meeting will be publicly awarded the scholarship by Subaru.

Please contact Jennifer Nocerino at jnocerino@geosociety.org for further information or questions. We hope you will take advantage of this exciting new opportunity for minority students sponsored by Subaru of America, Inc.

Best Regards,

Jennifer Nocerino
Jennifer Nocerino
Education and Outreach
The Geological Society of America
3300 Penrose Place, Boulder, CO 80301
jnocerino@geosociety.org; 303-357-1036; Fax 303-357-1073

Subaru Minority Student Scholarship Program
Nomination Form – Deadline: 15 August 2009
GSA Section? ____Cord ____RM ____ NC ____ SC ____ NE ____ SE
Campus Rep: Name: ____________________________________________
School: _________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
City/St/Zip: ______________________________________________
Phone: _______________ email: ____________________________________________
Nominated Student: Name: ______________________________________ GSA #: _________
Address: ________________________________________________
City/St/Zip: ______________________________________________
Phone: _______________ email: ____________________________________________

The above nominated student is deserving of the Subaru Minority Student Scholarship Award because:

I, the GSA Campus Representative, do hereby certify that the above student nominee has taken geoscience courses for one year and is enrolled in additional geoscience courses in his/her upcoming school year.
Campus Rep

I, the above nominated student, do hereby certify that I am a member of a minority group as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Student Nominee

Please email form to: jnocerino@geosociety.org or fax to: 303-357-1073. ATTN: Jennifer Nocerino.

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