Sunday, January 13, 2013

Assistant Professor in Geology position at Palomar College in Southern California

Details can be found by following the link:

From the announcement:

"The Assistant Professor, Geology will be primarily responsible for teaching a variety of courses in the discipline of geology. Specifically, these courses may include physical geology lecture and lab, historical geology lecture and lab, regional field studies, and other courses within the geology program. The position also requires administration and ongoing development of a strong geology program.

The Earth, Space, and Aviation Sciences department is a large, multi-disciplinary department that includes programs in geology, geography, oceanography, astronomy, and aviation. The geology program offers an Associate degree with a history of graduating majors who transfer to a variety of institutions and are successful professionals in geology-related fields. A degree program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a strong and growing part of the department. The Geology, Geography, and Oceanography programs have a long-standing history of offering local field trips and regional field studies programs. The department celebrated the recent opening of a new planetarium to serve the college and North San Diego County communities.

The Assistant Professor will primarily teach geology lecture, lab, and field courses and perform the following duties related to the program, department, and college. The position will administer and promote quality educational programs, including Associate degrees, thereby producing students who are well-equipped for geology-related careers or degree programs at transfer universities leading to geology-related professions. Related duties include the following:

1. Updating course curricula and instructional materials.
2. Hiring, overseeing, and evaluating adjunct instructors for geology course offerings.
3. Developing, maintaining, and updating student learning outcomes for geology courses.
4. Overseeing directed studies activities for geology majors.

The Assistant Professor will also work cooperatively to support programs within the Department of Earth, Space, and Aviation Sciences. In addition to the teaching responsibilities, other duties include maintaining regular office hours, curriculum and program development, development and assessment of student learning outcomes, full participation in department activities, and participation in college governance."

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