Monday, November 21, 2011

More Scenes from the Joshua Tree Conference

Some more scenes from the recently concluded fall meeting of the Far Western Section. Thanks to Randy Adsit for these great photos (comments are his)! And thanks again to Bruce Bridenbecker and Copper Mountain College for sponsoring...
My new ride! An abandoned car near the Wall Street Mine.

There are 3 plutons visible in this scene from near the Wall Street Mill. The White Tank "monzogranite" is the easiest to pick out -- it's the light colored unit making boulders in the middle ground on the left.

The interior of the Wall Street Mill. A two stamp mill is in the back. The tray in the middle originally had a copper sheet covered with mercury, for separating gold from the crushed rock. In the foreground is a shaker table, which separates ore minerals from non-ores based on specific gravity.

A "green" water pump, powered by renewable wind energy.

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