Friday, March 4, 2011

Confronting Creation Science in the Classroom

From Larry Collins, FWS member, who has excellent resources on his website concerning creation-science in the earth science classroom:

"I am retired geology faculty member of California State University Northridge (retired since 1993) and used to be quite active in the NAGT FWS, but old age has caught up with me, and I am no longer able to participate. So, I will not be at the up-coming conference in mid-March. However, I am sure that you are probably aware of the fact that science teachers in elementary and secondary schools in many parts of country, including California, are being confronted by young-earth creationists who want to put their religious beliefs into science class rooms. This is an on-going problem. If you know of any such geology science teachers who are members of the NAGT FWS who are facing this issue, I call your attention to two pdf articles that they can down-load which give geologic reasons (1) why a supposed Noah’s ark in eastern Turkey cannot be either its fossilized remnant or a supposed cast (see attached image) and (2) why a worldwide Flood cannot have happened because of the presence of thick evaporite mineral deposits of rock salt and gypsum that occur interlayered with the fossil-bearing sedimentary rocks of many different geologic ages on all continents. In the first article, magnetite derived from weathered basalt is what produces the iron signals for supposed washers, rivets, and brackets instead of pure iron metal for Noah to use to hold the walls of the Ark together. In the second article, desert drying conditions cannot occur in the midst of a worldwide flood. See: and . I hope that you will pass this information on to possible interested teachers. I have other articles on my website on opposition to creationism that they also might find helpful. ."

Lorence (Larry) Collins

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